August Rentals Update

We have these wonderful rentals available for you as summer starts winding to a close. Please check them out if you’re interested, and share with friends who may be looking for a new place to live!

Residential Parcels

Residential #04

7328m² beachfront empty parcel
1000 total prims for L$2000/wk


Residential #09

4608² beachfront parcel with house and landscaping†
750 total prims (150 for house + 600 additional) for L$1500/wk

Res#09 2015-08-20

Residential #12

3072m² hilltop empty parcel
400 total prims for L$800/wk

Res#12 2015-08-20

Residential #14

2304m² hilltop parcel with house and landscaping†
500 total prims (70 for build + 400 additional) for L$940/wk

Res#14 2015-08-20

Additional prims available upon request.

House and landscaping can be removed upon request

Residential Skybox Platforms

4 Available
1024m² area platform (32x32m)
200 total prims for L$300/wk

  • Additional prims available upon request
  • No music/media controls
  • Skybox NOT provided

Skybox Rental Office SLurl: