Rentals #06 A-D

New & Available Rentals

Rentals #06 A-DIt’s Spring at Risian Flux once again as we head toward our 7th Anniversary on May 5. As usual I’ve been tinkering with things, trying to make available what people are needing. In that vein, I’ve split one of our 64m parcels, formerly #06 into four 28x32m parcels #06 A-D. These are located on the north central side of the region along a little side lane, lined with new maple trees! We also have a couple of 64m parcels available, and one up on the top of the cliff. Come check them out (all open rentals in green in the map below), and if you have any questions or customization inquiries, contact mattmorris in world.

August Rentals Update

We have these wonderful rentals available for you as summer starts winding to a close. Please check them out if you’re interested, and share with friends who may be looking for a new place to live!

Residential Parcels

Residential #04

7328m² beachfront empty parcel
1000 total prims for L$2000/wk


Residential #09

4608² beachfront parcel with house and landscaping†
750 total prims (150 for house + 600 additional) for L$1500/wk

Res#09 2015-08-20

Residential #12

3072m² hilltop empty parcel
400 total prims for L$800/wk

Res#12 2015-08-20

Residential #14

2304m² hilltop parcel with house and landscaping†
500 total prims (70 for build + 400 additional) for L$940/wk

Res#14 2015-08-20

Additional prims available upon request.

House and landscaping can be removed upon request

Residential Skybox Platforms

4 Available
1024m² area platform (32x32m)
200 total prims for L$300/wk

  • Additional prims available upon request
  • No music/media controls
  • Skybox NOT provided

Skybox Rental Office SLurl: