Toodles to 2014 and a New Office

Hello everyone! Been a long time between posts once again but that does not mean we’ve been sitting on our butts all this time. We’ve been making small changes here and there to make Risian Flux the prettiest place it can be as well as the best place to live, and to make sure 2015 gets off to a good start we’ve made a few more noticeable changes recently.

First you will notice that we’ve put in new paths around the region. These are a lovely work from Botanical and have some nice options, including seasonal versions of the textures which make things a lot nicer looking when the weather changes (as well as making it a lot easier on Matt).

We’ve also removed the Cave. While it was a nice little place to hang out or party it was not being used enough to warrant the prim usage. Instead an area right up by the shops has been set up for any organized parties and the Beach is still a nice place for your informal events or romantic evenings.

The Yard Sale is still up and running, though we’ve changed things around there too. Residents get their free Yard Sale privileges still and now have much more room to set up allowing for larger and more items. On the rental side there are fewer tables and five new small shops to better suit the needs of hard-core Arcade goers. Residents, remember to pass the word along to your friends that if they have things to sell  that we’re an inexpensive option that does get some traffic.

We’ve also changed the community & info office building to something smaller and a little more rustic to coincide with the recent cosmetic changes to the region. Once Bind finds his desk you’ll likely find him parked up here.

Office Dec 2014 ExteriorOffice Dec 2014 Lower Level 1 Office Dec 2014 Lower Level 2 Office Dec 2014 Upper LevelFor those of you who’ve asked about reliable security systems, GalaTech sells one, and of course we always love it when our retail establishments get some business. Or, there’s the system that Risian Flux Management recommends due to its features and intelligence: there is a vendor in the office in the little nook next to the stairs.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed Risian Flux in 2014 and we intend to make 2015 even better!