Yard Sale!

We have a yard sale!

All of our residents (and some invited individuals) are now able to offer their no copy items they’ve picked up from gachas or other sales! We’re pleased to offer this service to our residents in an effort to increase our region traffic and hopefully boost rentals.

We’re also now renting tables and ground platform space as well as offering space for our residents. After a very quick collaboration and redesign effort we’ve got the yard sale open for business quickly. So please share with anyone interested in renting tables. Of course if they moved in here they’d get some space for free, too.

There isn’t much out at the moment as we’re just starting up, but soon we hope to have a lot of varied, high quality items up for sale. So consider dropping by at some point and check out the offerings, and of course our residents can start putting things out right away!

Yard Sale Ad (Square) Risian Flux Yard Sale SLurl