Marketplace Updates


Spring Cleaning

Spring sprung early at Risian Flux, but we’re just getting underway with updating some things to make them better for our existing and hopefully new retailers, shoppers, residents and guests.

The north side shops have been removed, and the “basement” of the Marketplace (it used to house Ripley’s once upon a time) has been opened up into a new large shop. The interior space is nominally 48×24 m and would give anyone that needs plenty of space just that. Initial settings for the rental are 200 prims for L$500 per week, though it can of course be expanded to accommodate more prims if necessary.

RFMarketplace_002A cozy outdoor bistro seating area has been added to the north side overlooking the expanded lake, creating an ideal area for larger gatherings and of course anyone is welcome to use the area whenever they like!

RFMarketplace001The boardwalk by the lower shop leads to a small dock where the rowboat has made a reappearance, and there’s plenty of room to take a swim.

We hope you all enjoy this updated look to the retail area. If you know anyone that would be interested in the lower shop, invite them over and give them a tour, and have them message Matt for questions.