Rocky Horror Picture Show Available

Risian Flux is happy to provide you with the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Head on down to our Theatre and just touch the RHPS DVD box in front of the big screen and hit play in the menu! We’ll keep it out until Thanksgiving for your viewing enjoyment.

Note: Maximum of 10 people can watch at once.


Enchanted Halloween Festivities

All Hallows’ Eve is nearly upon us and the Enchanted Castle is throwing its yearly ball of tricks and treats. There will be a costume contest, as well as many other fun surprises. The DJ is beloved but is another surprise so will be revealed nearer to the event.

All the celebrations will start at 2 PM PDT/SLT on Sunday 27th October.

Be there if you dare!

Autumn Updates

Hey everyone! We’re still here, in fact we’re chugging along quite nicely with quite a few new residents since the last post.

The marketplace got a face-lift at the end of last month with a new store-front design as well as new building materials. Materials very specifically, as the new design takes advantage of the new materials system to add more detail with normal and specular maps. This new design is seen throughout the region with a new texture scheme through the rest of the region’s infrastructure. We’re also about three weeks into autumn, with lots of new trees showing their colorful fall foliage.

Halloween is of course coming up at the end of the month and we have decorations out in various places, along with a spooky house and graveyard. We only have one event on the schedule at the present time, the Enchanted Castle Halloween party on the 27th at 2pm. We may have a Risian Flux specific party around Halloween as well, keep an eye out for more info regarding that.

A reminder for our residents, you can put out holiday decorations if you like, and so long as it’s a reasonable amount it’s okay if you go over your prim allowance to do so. You can also get in touch with me (Matt) about putting out foliage that match the rest of the region without them counting against your prim allowance.

As much as I may wish it would go from Halloween straight to March, alas the winter holidays will be coming up all too soon. If you have any ideas about how we can decorate or any event ideas drop me a notecard in world with any of your thoughts or reply to this post with a comment.

Hope you all have an enjoyable autumn!

Risian Flux

Latest Fluxes

You probably know by now that Risian Flux is aptly named, there’s always something changing somewhere or other. This time around it’s a bit more simplification and naturalization of our infrastructure and hangout offerings.

The Flux is no more, but has been replaced with a spiffy new dock with working rowboat (have fun with those tight spots in the streams). The Greedy-Greedy table is set up down there, as well as some chairs for relaxing by yourself or with friends. There’s a new lovely romantic cuddles raft out in the lake too.

The beach now has an open gazebo for dancing along with the pre-existing seating and cuddles hammock. Any run-of-the-mill future events (minus those at the Enchanted Castle of course) will be held here. Our current DJs are of course welcome to DJ at any time, and if anyone knows of any DJs looking for a place to stream refer them to Matt.

As for the special events, Halloween is on the way and we will soon start thinking about what we might want to do in the region for that, if you have any ideas or suggestions please let Matt or Bind know in world, or comment on this post!

Around Risian Flux – June 2013 Edition

It was well past time to get some new snapshots from the region, and now that I’m done renovating for the time being it was a perfect opportunity. The gallery contains images of Risian Flux’s public attractions as well as some shots highlighting our ground residents.


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The park is right off the landing point. With plenty of grass to run around in, this little plot of ground is a fun place to do just about anything in. Often used for special holiday builds.




The campground is a nice little nature preserve tucked up in the hills of Risian Flux. Featuring a few cabins for the weary, outside there’s a cozy campfire to sit around and toast marshmallows over. An excellent little place to just get away from your hectic RL or even SL, come visit the campground and relax!

Campground @ Risian Flux




“Project Shining”

Finally LL released an update on the status of Project Shining/Project Sunshine, otherwise known as the Server-Side-Baking project. Their post didn’t say much and didn’t give much in the way of specifics on the release schedule though (typical).

The latest LL viewer as well as Firestorm are SSB ready, as well as a few of the other TPV’s. If you haven’t updated in a while you’re going to need to get that done before LL finally does do release the new code on the servers.

Faster Avatar Loading on the Horizon