Risian Flux

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You probably know by now that Risian Flux is aptly named, there’s always something changing somewhere or other. This time around it’s a bit more simplification and naturalization of our infrastructure and hangout offerings.

The Flux is no more, but has been replaced with a spiffy new dock with working rowboat (have fun with those tight spots in the streams). The Greedy-Greedy table is set up down there, as well as some chairs for relaxing by yourself or with friends. There’s a new lovely romantic cuddles raft out in the lake too.

The beach now has an open gazebo for dancing along with the pre-existing seating and cuddles hammock. Any run-of-the-mill future events (minus those at the Enchanted Castle of course) will be held here. Our current DJs are of course welcome to DJ at any time, and if anyone knows of any DJs looking for a place to stream refer them to Matt.

As for the special events, Halloween is on the way and we will soon start thinking about what we might want to do in the region for that, if you have any ideas or suggestions please let Matt or Bind know in world, or comment on this post!