Spring Update 2017

We’re still here! Sorry for the long silence, but that’s how Risian Flux has been the last year: quiet, but in the good way!

Since we’ve concentrated our effort only on our rentals we’re a sleepy but happy neighborhood now. As for our residents, you’ll see a lot of the same faces around (many thanks to those long-time residents and friends), a few new ones, and a few old faces that have come back around. Our retailers have been around for years as well. Plus the Enchanted Castle still stands tall in the southeast corner of the region.

We’ve generally been full up or nearly so on our rentals (to Bind’s enjoyment) and we haven’t had much need to advertise or make any changes (to Matt’s enjoyment). Word of mouth has been our greatest asset, so many thanks to our residents, retailers, and friends for spreading the word about us!

There’s not much more to add, other than Risian Flux will be six (6) years old in a few days! At this point in SL’s lifespan this is perhaps not a major accomplishment, but still impressive nonetheless, especially as relying on rentals is hard to do. We don’t plan on going anywhere either, so how about another six years?



Matt Morris