Early Spring 2016

It may not be spring officially on the calendar yet, but the trees are blooming and the grass is green at Risian Flux! We’ve also been doing some spring cleaning, with some changes to the region.



Be sure to check out Fine Art by Alloson Sands. He’s moved into a larger yet more intimate build, and his awesome new gallery is a great place to bring your friends and family and pass the time.


Still under construction in our marketplace is the all new Enchanted Imaginations, which will feature a number of small stores inside, and is being run by our own Cam and Baz.


Our great supporter Tylendel Falconer is still with us with his Gala Tech store, be sure to check it out if you need a scripted solution.

We also have two new smaller park areas along our main east/west road, great for small gatherings or a romantic cuddle by the water.

2016-02-21_019 2016-02-21_016

Our beach has been expanded and now hosts our Greedy Greedy hot tub, as well as a Parcheesi table inside the Enakai Wavebreaker. There are solo and couple dance balls here, and our wonderful residents can host a party here any time!

2016-02-21_011 2016-02-21_013 2016-02-21_012

Sadly the Academy didn’t work out, but we put those parcels right back in use and have a number of new rentals available. These range from perfect for singles, couples, all the way up to families.


As always, the Enchanted Castle is up on the hill and is always open for exploration.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Risian Flux through 2016 and beyond, and don’t forget to share us with your friends!

2016-02-21_010 2016-02-21_015 2016-02-21_014 2016-02-21_006

Bumper Buoy Game!

Have some friends that’re looking for something fun and different to do? Come by Risian Flux and head down to the lake and try out our brand new Bumper Buoy Game by Buttonjar!

Risian Flux Bumper Buoy Game
The Bumper Buoy Game playing area.

This is a bit like aquatic soccer, or water polo, but played in bumper boats! Just touch one of the boat rezzers (red team or blue team), hop in your bumper boat, repeat until you have your teams set and in position. Then touch the scoreboard and follow the menu options to start a game!

Bumper Buoy Game 2

The Bumper Buoy Game is open to residents and guests alike, so we hope you’ll stop by and enjoy, and if you’re having fun remember to donate to Risian Flux via the Donationometers (there’s one right in the office).

Bumper Buoy Game 3
The Bumper Buoy playing area right next to the Community & Information Office

There’s also a standalone bumper buoy rezzer down at the beach if you’d like to explore the Risian Flux waterways at your leisure.


More Updates!

We’ve finally updated our campground!

Campground_001 Campground_002

There’s plenty of seating for singles or couples, as well as a few tents to snuggle in. We hope you’ll come by and relax in this cozy little nook hidden away up on the northern side of the region.

We’ve also moved our community and information office underneath our shops to take advantage of the unused space there, giving it a bit more room. Matt decked it out with some snapshots taken of the region over the last 4 years, feel free to take a peek at our memory lane!

CIO Exterior

Community Info Office

With the new design scheme complete at Risian Flux it was time to update one last piece of infrastructure, and the new Community Info Office is open for business!

CIO Interior
Inside the Community Info Office
CIO Interior Info
Any of our residents and retailers can of course still get customer service here, and long-time Flux|ers or first time visitors can come for information regarding rentals, events, DJ-ing or anything else that might come to mind.
CIO Interior 2
The CIO isn’ all about business though, however laid back the staff. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a friendly gathering with friends in here too!

So whether you have a question to ask, business to conduct or just want to have a friendly chat in comfortable surroundings, the new Community Info Office is ready for you!

Around Risian Flux – June 2013 Edition

It was well past time to get some new snapshots from the region, and now that I’m done renovating for the time being it was a perfect opportunity. The gallery contains images of Risian Flux’s public attractions as well as some shots highlighting our ground residents.


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The park is right off the landing point. With plenty of grass to run around in, this little plot of ground is a fun place to do just about anything in. Often used for special holiday builds.




The campground is a nice little nature preserve tucked up in the hills of Risian Flux. Featuring a few cabins for the weary, outside there’s a cozy campfire to sit around and toast marshmallows over. An excellent little place to just get away from your hectic RL or even SL, come visit the campground and relax!

Campground @ Risian Flux






The beach at Risian Flux is a cozy, romantic spot on the west end of the region. Featuring some places to lounge, alone or with a few friends, and a comfy hammock to cuddle with your special someone. Dance events will be held here in the gazebo, and both solo and couples dances are available.

Feel free to come down any time, set the sky to sunset and enjoy!

Beach @ Risian Flux





Ripley’s is Risian Flux’s underground lounge and is named after Ripley of Aliens fame.

Open 24/7, anyone is welcome to come down and enjoy the ambiance.Featuring a dance floor for parties, it also features plenty of seating for casual or formal gatherings. Also located here are our Greedy Greedy and Una tables for a bit of competitive fun.

Ripley’s also hosts at least one event a week with either DJ Matt or DJ Willi. Check the event schedule for the next event!

Visit Ripley’s

The Flux

The Flux

The FluxThe Flux is Risian Flux’s premiere hangout and event facility. It’s not so much a build, that has changed (and likely will again) but more an idea at a location! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year, anyone and everyone is welcome to come by and hang out there and use the facility.

Sitting on the lake in the northeast corner of the region, The Flux features a hangout area with seating, a hot tub, a small self-serve bar and replicator, as well as a Zyngo machine for the adventurous! Further over the water is a dance area with unobtrusive lighting and an excellent view of the underwater wildlife.

The Flux hosts at least 1 party a week. Either DJ Matt or DJ Willi will be there. Check the calendar for the next event!

Visit The Flux

The Flux