A Big Success!

Our 2nd Anniversary Party was a big success, thanks to everyone that helped to work on the party prep and on the day itself, as well as all of the people that came by! Congrats to all the contest, prize and sploder winners too!

Fitch took a bunch of pics and published a post on his own blog, you can check that out here.

Sunday in the… Cake?

Wander Bear, proprietor of [FITCH], needed a little help getting some pics of his new special birthday cake last night. The staff at Risian Flux is always happy to help, and there was no exception this time. DJ Willi was right there to answer the call, as well as a bit more audience participation from the rest of the party group!

All snapshots taken by GJ (gjaneway.slade). Be sure to check out [FITCH] for the cake, soon to be released!



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