More Updates!

We’veĀ finally updated our campground!

Campground_001 Campground_002

There’s plenty of seating for singles or couples, as well as a few tents to snuggle in. We hope you’ll come by and relax in this cozy little nook hidden away up on the northern side of the region.

We’ve also moved our community and information office underneath our shops to take advantage of the unused space there, giving it a bit more room. Matt decked it out with some snapshots taken of the region over the last 4 years, feel free to take a peek at our memory lane!



The campground is a nice little nature preserve tucked up in the hills of Risian Flux. Featuring a few cabins for the weary, outside there’s a cozy campfire to sit around and toast marshmallows over. An excellent little place to just get away from your hectic RL or even SL, come visit the campground and relax!

Campground @ Risian Flux