Early Spring 2016

It may not be spring officially on the calendar yet, but the trees are blooming and the grass is green at Risian Flux! We’ve also been doing some spring cleaning, with some changes to the region.



Be sure to check out Fine Art by Alloson Sands. He’s moved into a larger yet more intimate build, and his awesome new gallery is a great place to bring your friends and family and pass the time.


Still under construction in our marketplace is the all new Enchanted Imaginations, which will feature a number of small stores inside, and is being run by our own Cam and Baz.


Our great supporter Tylendel Falconer is still with us with his Gala Tech store, be sure to check it out if you need a scripted solution.

We also have two new smaller park areas along our main east/west road, great for small gatherings or a romantic cuddle by the water.

2016-02-21_019 2016-02-21_016

Our beach has been expanded and now hosts our Greedy Greedy hot tub, as well as a Parcheesi table inside the Enakai Wavebreaker. There are solo and couple dance balls here, and our wonderful residents can host a party here any time!

2016-02-21_011 2016-02-21_013 2016-02-21_012

Sadly the Academy didn’t work out, but we put those parcels right back in use and have a number of new rentals available. These range from perfect for singles, couples, all the way up to families.


As always, the Enchanted Castle is up on the hill and is always open for exploration.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Risian Flux through 2016 and beyond, and don’t forget to share us with your friends!

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Around Risian Flux – June 2013 Edition

It was well past time to get some new snapshots from the region, and now that I’m done renovating for the time being it was a perfect opportunity. The gallery contains images of Risian Flux’s public attractions as well as some shots highlighting our ground residents.


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Sunday Lineup

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bare Beach Bash

11:30 AM
DJ Matt

Starting at 11:30 SLT DJ Matt will be at the Beach filling in for the Bare Beach Bash. Come ready to dance and come naked!


Sunday Ball

2:00 PM

Starting at 3:00 SLT DJ GJ will be up in the Enchanted Castle Ballroom for this month’s Sunday Ball. Remember this is a PG rated event so put those clothes back on before you head up there!

Enchanted Castle Ballroom

Sunday Overview – March 31

Sunday Overview

March 31, 2013

Sunday Brunch with DJ Red

DJ Red

Happy Easter! Join DJ Red and your ChocoBunny host Matt for two hours of great tunes, fun and friends at The Flux starting at 12 pm! Put down those dyed eggs, creme-filled eggs and hop on over!

The Flux

An Enchanted Easter

DJ Matt

Today at 2 pm the Enchanted Castle celebrates Easter in style as the March Hare and the Mad Hatter return for another year of silliness. Matt the chocolate Easter Bunny will be spinning teacup tunes and Mrs. Potts will be taking charge of the Sploder. The Queen of Hearts is waiting for you, so dont be a late White Rabbit or you might lose your head!

Enchanted Castle Ballroom

Sunday in the… Cake?

Wander Bear, proprietor of [FITCH], needed a little help getting some pics of his new special birthday cake last night. The staff at Risian Flux is always happy to help, and there was no exception this time. DJ Willi was right there to answer the call, as well as a bit more audience participation from the rest of the party group!

All snapshots taken by GJ (gjaneway.slade). Be sure to check out [FITCH] for the cake, soon to be released!



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The beach at Risian Flux is a cozy, romantic spot on the west end of the region. Featuring some places to lounge, alone or with a few friends, and a comfy hammock to cuddle with your special someone. Dance events will be held here in the gazebo, and both solo and couples dances are available.

Feel free to come down any time, set the sky to sunset and enjoy!

Beach @ Risian Flux