Soap Baller turned out to be quite popular at Cam’s BothDay Party, so we’ve done some renovations to bring it to you any time you want it! Thanks to Matt we have a brand new Arena (now moved into the sky for less visual lag).

Touch the overhead scoreboard to start a game, you have some options now, not just soap!

  • Ball – Arena Roll
  • Puck – Butt Hockey
  • Soap – Soap Scramble

The ball is very difficult, recommend having quite a few players available because it’s quite hard to maneuver with the rolling ball, you need to direct it to other teammates or you’ll just spend a long time chasing it around!

The puck is probably the easiest version, with the new vehicle design it keeps very good control of it. Definitely would recommend getting physical, checking someone off the puck is almost a necessity if you want to keep from being scored on!

The soap plays quite like the original but with a bit more control with the new vehicle design.

First team to 10 wins a game, the scoreboard will automatically drop the proper object as the game goes along!

Note: It’s still a work in progress, so if you find anything weird happening let Matt know!

Arena @ Risian Flux




Ripley’s is Risian Flux’s underground lounge and is named after Ripley of Aliens fame.

Open 24/7, anyone is welcome to come down and enjoy the ambiance.Featuring a dance floor for parties, it also features plenty of seating for casual or formal gatherings. Also located here are our Greedy Greedy and Una tables for a bit of competitive fun.

Ripley’s also hosts at least one event a week with either DJ Matt or DJ Willi. Check the event schedule for the next event!

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The Flux

The Flux

The FluxThe Flux is Risian Flux’sĀ premiereĀ hangout and event facility. It’s not so much a build, that has changed (and likely will again) but more an idea at a location! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year, anyone and everyone is welcome to come by and hang out there and use the facility.

Sitting on the lake in the northeast corner of the region, The Flux features a hangout area with seating, a hot tub, a small self-serve bar and replicator, as well as a Zyngo machine for the adventurous! Further over the water is a dance area with unobtrusive lighting and an excellent view of the underwater wildlife.

The Flux hosts at least 1 party a week. Either DJ Matt or DJ Willi will be there. Check the calendar for the next event!

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The Flux