Roseland Park Game Garden!

We’ve done some upgrades to our gaming area. Welcome to the new Roseland Park Game Garden!

Roseland Park Game Garden

Our Greedy-Greedy table is still there on the first landing.

Greedy Greedy
UNA area entrance

Go up to the top and inside you’ll find the latest UNA table from Brock Games! This is the same as the game Uno, and is a lot of fun!

UNA (a.k.a. Uno) table

We hope you’ll come by and have some fun, and invite plenty of friends!

CIO Exterior

Community Info Office

With the new design scheme complete at Risian Flux it was time to update one last piece of infrastructure, and the new Community Info Office is open for business!

CIO Interior
Inside the Community Info Office
CIO Interior Info
Any of our residents and retailers can of course still get customer service here, and long-time Flux|ers or first time visitors can come for information regarding rentals, events, DJ-ing or anything else that might come to mind.
CIO Interior 2
The CIO isn’ all about business though, however laid back the staff. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a friendly gathering with friends in here too!

So whether you have a question to ask, business to conduct or just want to have a friendly chat in comfortable surroundings, the new Community Info Office is ready for you!



The park is right off the landing point. With plenty of grass to run around in, this little plot of ground is a fun place to do just about anything in. Often used for special holiday builds.




The campground is a nice little nature preserve tucked up in the hills of Risian Flux. Featuring a few cabins for the weary, outside there’s a cozy campfire to sit around and toast marshmallows over. An excellent little place to just get away from your hectic RL or even SL, come visit the campground and relax!

Campground @ Risian Flux






The beach at Risian Flux is a cozy, romantic spot on the west end of the region. Featuring some places to lounge, alone or with a few friends, and a comfy hammock to cuddle with your special someone. Dance events will be held here in the gazebo, and both solo and couples dances are available.

Feel free to come down any time, set the sky to sunset and enjoy!

Beach @ Risian Flux